Who am I?

My name is Kyler, I previously was a personal trainer for a big time corporation.  I loved the community and atmosphere I was in yet did not like the constant  big brother feeling  placed over myself.  My goal is to create a free flowing community of like minded people.   The only thing more rewarding then reaching my own goals is helping others reach theirs.  Its about the challenge of change and overcoming whatever barrier life has placed in-front of you. The body achieves what the mind believes and this blog is to help anyone, anywhere, anyway we can.

With this being said the purpose of this blog is to gather any and all information the can help individuals relate and progress towards their own goals.  Everybody has their own starting point, everyone has their own specific goal, everyone has their own idea on how to successfully achieve said goal.  With the ability to create a community comes the ability to find others that are like minded or on the same journey as you are.  Fitness goals are for an individual but can be achieved through group efforts.

Whether it is a single certified personal trainer or an entire website, information can constantly be shared and contributed to ones fitness journey.  The objective is to drawl in all of the useful and meaningful information or variations of information and fitness techniques to allow persons to realize there is one destination(goal) but many roads that can lead you there.

Fitness is health and health is everywhere.  In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the work place, in the gym, on the turf, on the court, on the field, heck it can be on your living room floor.  Many fail to realize how simply and effective some exercises or lifestyle techniques can help lead to progression.  It is NetFit’s job to share and show this to any and all.