Looking to Lose Some Fat?

Here are a few Tips about changing your daily habits that will have a huge impact on muscle gain or fat loss.


  1. Cut soda and diet soda out
  2. Focus on your meals, either 3 medium-large portioned meals, or 5-6 small-medium portion meals.  Cut snacks in-between meals.
  3. For 5-6 portioned meals, separate carbs and fats.  Meaning do meals of protein and fats, the proteins and carbs
  4. No snacks at night!
  5. Drink water amount of half your body weight in oz
  6. Divide your meals up and time between equally and stay consistent with timing.
  7. Cut out alcohol and fast foods.
  8. No social eating!
  9. Record your meals in a journal, follow your caloric intake
  10. find someone wanting to achieve a similar goal


  1. Workout in the morning before breakfast, fasted cardio or walking to start your day, jumpstart energy and metabolism to carry throughout the rest of the day.
  2. Have a plan, organize your week, then organize each day, and organize each workout.
  3. Be consistent with your plan, by having consistent training days and timing.
  4. Change up your actual workout routines, switch exercises, change the intensities and keep your body guessing.
  5. Stretch after each workout.
  6. Eat with 90 minutes before a workout and within 45 minutes post post
  7. watch your rest times between sets, reduce rest and increase intensity to burn fat.
  8. Record in a journal the weights and exercises you do.
  9. Workout the “negative” of the rep, this is a very important and often overlooked part of each rep in a exercise.
  10. Push yourself harder then you did yesterday to be better tomorrow then you are today!

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